A Conversation on an Airplane

Stick With Jesus

church growthI had a really cool conversation yesterday- standing in the sanctuary. It was JUST after our Rock & Worship Service and our lead guitarist/lead vocalist was clearly waiting to talk to me. He had packed up his rig, which was in his hands, and was standing at the head of an aisle.  I headed toward him.

Before I share our conversation, you need to know- this guy is REALLY talented musician/singer and travels a decent amount for his job. And he JUST got back from a trip. OK- back to yesterday. He asked me, “When some subscribes to your blog, do you get some information that they did and who they are/where they are? I assured him that I DO get notified when someone new subscribes (Which YOU could do if you haven’t! Just go to the top right corner and sign up! You will receive an email every day…

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