It’s Okay to Be an Introvert: A Review of Susan Cain’s Quiet

I was a complete introvert my whole life. I would have loved home-school as a child because I was painfully shy.

The Bookshelf of Emily J.

Today is my birthday, and if I could choose to do whatever I wanted, I would choose to be alone with a book all day.  Perhaps this is because I have a toddler and I’m tired.  Any sort of respite from her antics is much appreciated, despite the fact that I love and adore her, even when she has that mischievous grin because she’s gotten into the gum again, or because she’s eating a pencil, or because she’s found a way onto the bathroom counter and has the water on full blast, or because she’s figured out how to turn on Netflix by herself, or because she’s emptying all the drawers in the kitchen, or because she’s wearing a diaper on her head, or because she’s eating toothpaste, or because she’s rubbing soap all over her face, or because she’s pulling out all the dental floss, or because she’s found…

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