Something’s Rotten in the State of My Latte

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I am a fan of Starbucks holiday drinks.

One day, I picked up a first-of-the-season gingerbread latte, which I normally enjoyed year after year. I got through most of the venti coffee as I was teaching about Ancient Egyptian mythology and The Lightning Thief without much trouble.

I went to swig down the last bits of the coffee – teachers need every available drop – when these gooey, slimy somethings slid into my mouth and half down my throat.

My students watched in horror as I gagged and coughed into a nearby trash can. They kept asking if I was alright or if I was choking on my coffee. Just what they would need, right – their teacher keeling over from her Starbucks coffee addiction!

I spit the gooey, slimy somethings into the trash bin and then looked into my cup. I wanted to know what in the world had…

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